Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 29.

I have been putting off ending my 30 days of blogging... oh well, all good things must end.

Day 29 – Something you could never get tired of doing.

I could never get tired of waking up in the morning to a little girl in her crib saying "Maaaaaaaaama!" over and over until I pick her up, get her cleaned and dressed, get myself cleaned and dressed, and piled into the car.  We'll drop Joseph off at work, head East on University Parkway, and make our daily stop at Starbucks.

I love how excited Ayla is to get out of the car, she'll hum and bounce on my side as we walk in the door.  Sometimes she squeals when she sees who's working, sometimes she plays shy and hides in my shoulder, but mainly she just smiles and giggles.  The employees love to remind me that she is the happiest baby.  They love to tell me about how much they love the smile that is always on her face, from the second we walk in, to the second we leave.

Ayla watching a drink be prepared. 11/28/2010

I'll set her on the counter as I order my drink, her god mother Carissa will hand her a sample cup so that she can pretend to drink a tiny hot chocolate.  As we move to the end of the bar I'll set her down again and she will stand up and do her little bouncy dance and make silly faces and noises at who ever is making my drink.
Ayla and Carissa Starbucks Dec. 2010

Ayla and Carissa Dec. 2010
 I love these morning trips with my girl.  It's fun to socialize and get good drinks.  My favorite part of the whole thing may just be when we pull up in front of the house and I say, "WE'RE HOOOOME!" and little Ayla squeals and her legs start kicking all with a huge grin across her face!

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