Wednesday, May 13, 2009

House hunting continued....

Yesterday evening I came across an ad on craigslist for a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom basement apartment for $650 a month. The best part about this one is the fact that cable/internet as well as ALL UTILITIES are included! AND the place has a washer and dryer. It has been years since I have had a washer/dryer in my own apartment. The deposit is $300 and she will hold it for me for the month of June if I pay that deposit, not requiring me to pay rent until July. That would be amazing because everything I have found so far would have had me paying double rent in June and frankly, I can't afford that. I am going to see the place this evening and hopefully convince her to hold it for me until I can pay the deposit on Friday.

Aside from apartment hunting everyday life is extremely routine right now. I wake up at 6:30, I get ready for the day, listen to Mamma Mia, and then catch the bus. I get to work and do what I do here. I then catch the bus and go home. I usually get home around 6. From there I do one of the following:
Watch a movie.
Do Laundry.
Choose a room and clean it.
Cook dinner.
Walk to the grocery store.
Read a book.
Stare at the wall.
And believe, there are times when I actually sit and stare at the wall for long periods of time. It's very strange being alone for about 6 a day. That doesn't seem like much, but when I have no tv and no internet and no friends to talk to, it gets pretty lonely. I talk to my cat a lot. I fear that I am turning into a crazy cat lady at much to young of an age.

On a happier note... I enjoy journaling/blogging very much. I have kept an online journal since 2001. I always forget about my old deadjournal, which transitioned to livejournal, which I abandoned for Myspace, which I have now ditched for Facebook... and here I am on blogspot. Myspace and Facebook don't really give me the option of typing out my thoughts for people to read. It's more of a "look at me and leave me a note" deal. Although that is fun, I really do enjoy taking the time to spill my thoughts or my daily activities.

Anyway... I am glad that it's Wednesday and that the week is halfway done!

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  1. Tonja Keene! I have been enjoying reading your blog! I need to make one soon. I'm so happy you found a new place. I hope you get it!! You sound like such a busy girl with Joseph away. Any time you feel like talking you can call me! I miss you and hope you are doing well!

    Athena Jensen