Monday, May 18, 2009

Week 16

I am officially into my 16th week of pregnancy! Here's what the experts have to say about it:

By pregnancy week 16 your baby is more than 4.5 inches long and may weigh almost 3 ounces.

Changes In Your Growing Baby: Your baby is planning on a huge growth spurt in the upcoming weeks. During pregnancy week 16 your baby has grown strong enough to hold his head straighter. Your baby's eyes and ears are moving into their final position and your baby is focusing much of her energy on her circulation system. By 16 weeks pregnant your baby's heart is pumping roughly 25 quarts of blood each day! At 16 weeks pregnant your baby starts growing fine hair on the top of his head, though some babies will be born very bald despite their best efforts. The color of your baby's hair and even your baby's eyes may change shortly after birth. Many babies are born with blonde hair for example that falls out and turns brown a short time after birth. Still others are born with brown eyes that turn blue within a month or two after birth! Your baby will continue to amaze you in the weeks following pregnancy.

Your Body's Development: By pregnancy week 16 you can proudly boast a small belly. You may find you temporarily miss your waist, but remember that will come back just a short time after delivery. Many women love this stage of pregnancy where they are just big enough to look pregnant but not so big they feel bulky and clumsy.

By this time you might start needing some maternity clothes. While you may not fill them out entirely for a couple more weeks, you may still be more comfortable wearing something that gives you room to grow. Most of the time your maternity size corresponds to your pre-pregnancy size. Most maternity clothes come in small, medium, large and extra large sizes.

Changes In Your Body: Most women report their favorite part of pregnancy is feeling their baby move inside them. By 16 weeks pregnant you might start feeling little fluttering in your stomach for the first time. This sensation may be gas, but in many cases this far along it is often your baby's way of saying hello! Most babies are enjoying the vast amount of space they have to move around the uterus around 16 weeks pregnant, thus swim about vigorously. This can result in a variety of unusual sensations in your lower abdomen.

At this point I definitely feel that I am looking pregnant. I even had a stranger acknowledge the fact for the first time! He offered me his seat at the bus stop saying: "Looks like you and that baby could use a rest..." I was a little thrown off because no one has said anything about my stomach yet, not even people at work!

I'm excited to start feeling the baby move around, I am very aware of every feeling I have in my tummy, hoping that it's going to be the baby. Mainly I have a lot of sharp, stabbing pains around my lower abdomen. According to my doctor that is my ligaments and muscles being pulled as my belly gets bigger and it's nothing that I should worry about. I told Joseph that I should start feeling the baby move around within the next couple weeks and he said, "ALREADY?!" He was really shocked. I was like, well yeah, I am 4 months pregnant babe... I think him not being here to see the changes and see my experiences makes it seem a little surreal to him.

Today is a very slow Monday. It seems like we're missing a lot of sales guys and the strangest thing... we're missing Mark. He hasn't been in today. he hasn't called or emailed. He's not responding to calls or emails either, which is extremely unusual. So unusual, in fact, that I am actually worried. Strange.

In other news... my search for an apartment is still on. Unfortunately. I have decided that I'm just not going to talk about any exciting prospects because they seem to fall through the minute I do! Bleh, hopefully I'll come across something soon. Wish me luck!

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