Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New look!

Obviously I made some changes to our blog. I will probably change it more than once.... I have a hard time deciding on a thing as important as my blog background.

Today I am attempting to find a new apartment. It is a lot harder than it sounds! I have had a few good leads, but they seem to fall through.

Here are my requests:
  • 2 bedroom apartment, or very spacious 1 bedroom
  • Cable/Internet and Water/Sewer included in rent
  • Close to the bus line
  • Under $700 a month
I know that is not too much to ask in this area. It just takes a lot of looking/emailing/calling!

A current prospect is a 1 bedroom apartment at the Lookoute Pointe complex above BYU.

I am looking at taking over a lease with an option to renew after 3 months. I actually lived in this complex last year and I LOVED it, so I really hope this works out! Plus, if I were to be there for the next 3 months I can be put on a waiting list for a 2 bedroom, which would be ideal for when the baby comes. :) It is only $600 a month plus electricty. And there is no security deposit required. That would be perfect. We would be saving up to $400 a month! I meet with the tenant on Saturday and if all goes well, I will sign the contract. Joseph is also hyped up about this one because, like myself, he already loves the complex. I will keep you posted on the outcome of this place.

Now I will end with this: AARON YOUNG!!! I have to give you a shout-out and publicly thank you for being the first person to officially post a comment on our measly blog! Joseph and I both appreciate your friendship and are constantly blown-away by how genuinely nice of a guy you are.

Here is a picture of Aaron and his amazingly beautiful wife Megan. (I stole it from their blog!)
We are so lucky to have you as a friend!

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