Friday, May 22, 2009

Trafalga with the Sales team

Here are some pictures from last night at Trafalga with the Pinnacle Security Inside Sales Team. We had a lot of fun! The pictures are small, but if you click on them you should be able to pull up a bigger version. Below the pictures I have listed what is going on in the pictures and who is in them.

1. Mini Golf, Mark Smith with Aaron Young on the side.

2. Another Mini Golf Shot. Brandon Buckner's wife and daughter are in the grass and Brenton Water's wife is the blonde one with the grey shirt.

3. Adam Young trying to make a difficult shot.

4. The group ahead of us. (Adam Young, Stephen Jett, Emma Smith, Cassidy Moss, Adam's fiance, Matt McDonald, Daniel Young, Melissa Lindsey, Aaron Young and Megan Young.)

5. Diedre Smith, Mark's wife

6. Mark Smith

7. Diedre and Mark

8. Stephen Jett off the course, trying to get back on

9. Adam Young and Matt McDonald

10. Aaron and Megan Young

11. Daniel Young and Melissa Lindsey (Yes, we have 3 Young brothers on the sales team)

12. Go karts!

13. Ian Bustamante (Guillermo's son) and me.

14. Audrey Bustamante and Ari Bustamante (Guillermo's wife and daughter)

15. Our group about to get started (Ian and I are #10)

16. Daniel Young and Stephen Jett

17. Melissa Lindsey and Daniel Young

18. Ari Bustamante playing Dance Dance Revolution

19. Ari Bustamante posing for the camera

20. Ian Bustamante

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