Monday, June 3, 2013

Dating my daughter.

On Saturday night Kyle had the rare opportunity to go out with his friends.  This left Ayla and I alone.  I didn't want to stay in and we hadn't eaten dinner yet, so I asked Ayla where she wanted to eat.

She chose Sonic.  I was more than fine with that because I was already craving my second "dirty diet coke" of the day.  What is a dirty diet coke?  It's just a little sip o' heaven that my cousin Bevany introduced me to.  {Diet coke with coconut syrup and a lime.  Try it.}

Alya declared that this little trip to Sonic was a DATE.

I decided to go through the drive-thru rather than park and order, but once we had our food I asked Ayla if she wanted to eat at their picnic-style tables outside.  She was ecstatic.  She ran to the table and when we got there said, "This table is wonderful, mom!  Don't you love this table?"  {She commented on how awesome the table was numerous times throughout the evening.}  This here was another opportunity to see things through my little girl's eyes.  I can see how a red table in the middle of a parking lot could be wonderful.  We were enjoying the sunshine with a slight breeze and a beautiful view of the mountains.  And we were together.  Wonderful.

Ayla ate a grilled cheese sandwhich and french fries.  She also requested a watermelon slush.  {Her reason for choosing Sonic.}  I got a cheeseburger, but I neglected that cheeseburger terribly because of the awesome dirty diet coke I was enjoying.

As we were eating our food Ayla put her little hand on my arm and said, "How is your great date, mom?"  {When she asks you about your day, she always asks how your "great day" was.  I love that she assumes it was great and she just wants you to elaborate on the greatness.}  "My great date is awesome!  How is yours, Lolli?"  She responds with, "Great!  I love our date!"  I asked her what she would like to talk about.  I know she has a lot to say, and some times it's important to sit down and listen.  She told me all about her toy.  It's an orange plastic hamster.  However, today she was pretending that it was a lizard and it's name is Ziggy.  It didn't like the grilled cheese sandwich and she was wondering if we could offer him fruit snacks when we got home.  She also wanted to make sure that I would help her tuck him in at home because he was tired and had had a long day.

While we sat on the table at Sonic we were staring directly at Macey's.  You know what that means, right?  That means cheap soft-serve ice cream.  Ayla said, "Mom, can we PLEASE walk to Macey's and get ice cream and eat it at our table at Sonic?"  That's exactly what we did.

She chose vanilla dipped in cherry.  YUM!
Walking all the way back to our table from Macey's seemed to be a challenge for Ayla.  She didn't consider the fact that the ice cream cone would be as big as her face.  I also didn't consider the fact that Ayla wouldn't eat the cherry shell.  She just licked it like you would ice cream, causing all of the soft-serve ice cream to quickly melt on the inside.  Oh, the mess.

When we finally tossed the ice cream because the mess became greater than the yummy taste, we took a short walk to see some sprinklers that were watering the nearby grass.  {This was also Ayla's request.}  It's funny how something like watching water spray onto some grass is so thrilling to her.  She squealed and jumped up and down just watching the sprinkler!  I love her.

She's growing up so quickly and there's nothing that I can do to stop it.  I just have to hold her hand {as long as she'll let me} and guide her the best that I can.  We may holler at each other a lot, but I sure do love the chances that I have to sit with my girl and talk and laugh, even if it is happening in a Sonic parking lot.  I couldn't have asked for a better date.

Three summers.  It's true, time flies when you're having fun.  Or when you're a mommy.

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