Monday, June 24, 2013

Preserving Memories. {And Overloading my Aquaintances with Photos.}

 It's no secret, I post a lot of pictures.  I am an Instagram addict.  And I link those pictures to Facebook

I take pictures of everything.  I have had people make comments to me about "living my life" rather than photographing it.  Please don't be mistaken.  I live my life.  I love my life.  I enjoy the people I am around and the things that we do.  I love my family.  I am obsessed with my daughter and my husband.  I'm proud of the things we do together.  I love to take the time to snap a picture because when I look back at that picture days later, weeks later, years later, I am thrown back to that moment.  I can remember the people, the smells, the feelings.  I love to preserve these memories.

I love to share them.  I love that my family that lives far away, the family that I love and don't get to share my daily life with, can still be a part of my life through pictures.

Every time I hear people around me complain about people posting so many photos I cringe a bit.  I know people say that about me.  I'm sure people roll their eyes when they see another picture of my daughter.  I mean really, how many times can I post Ayla and Kyle and say that they are my favorite?  Not enough times.  They make me happy.  I want to share.

"Because sharing is what I do when good flows like river currents.  I want to take pictures of it, describe it, store it, scoop it up in community cups and pass them along to anyone else who might like a sip." - Kelle Hampton

I read a blog entry this morning where Kelle expressed her feelings about sharing.  My feelings exactly.

I want to share.  I love to share.  I will share with anyone else who might like a sip.

So please, do not roll your eyes at my daughter if you've seen her face one too many times today.  You may unfollow me if you so choose, or you may share in my sunshine the way that I love to share in yours.

Grandma's House:  the place where cousin's go to become friends.
This girl can't wait to be a big sister someday. {we LOVE Aftyn!}
This girl can't wait to be a mommy again someday.  {we LOVE Aftyn!}


  1. I love your pictures and comments. Yes, it is a way to keep us in the loop, and I appreciate it very much. Love you!

  2. I can't imagine not having hundreds of photographs of the people I love. I think now a days we have photographs along with our journals. Pictures have become so much easier to include in documenting our lives. If I could see pictures of my parents and grandparents over the years and see my dad as a baby I would love that. I think taking photographs and videos of our memories is such a great tool that we have and we should use! I'm sure there are people who get lost in technology but seeing you as a mother in real life I KNOW that is not the case for you. AND the fact that I moved across the country!?? And I can't be there to hang out and see things change for you and your family?? Makes me so happy to be able to and peek at your pictures and see Ayla growing and you GLOWING from happiness at having found Kyle and adding him to your family unit! AYLA WILL BE THRILLED when she is older to be able to look back and see how young and in love her parents have always been!!! KEEP AFTER IT!!! When I think about all the things my mother and mother in law miss because we moved away?? I cringe!!! Then.. I pause.. and snap a photo. I know they appreciate it and love it! ANd sometimes?? when my son is sleeping?? I miss him so bad it hurts.. So what do I do? I cuddle up to my husband and we look at photographs and videos of our son. This day and age of technology has made my memories frozen moments in time that I can pull out and look at and share with those i love!!! I totally love you!!! POST POST POST! I love your blog and your photographs!

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