Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 1

Day 1 – A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was.

Tonja 11/8/2010
 Today was a really good day.  It started off really slow, which I love.  We all slept in today.  We have been sick all weekend, so we needed that! 
After taking our time getting ready we went out for coffee.  I enjoyed a double tall white mocha and Joseph had a double tall nonfat caramel macchiato. 
For lunch we had In-N-Out.  (we weren't feeling up to the task of cooking quite yet.) 
We then mosied over to Hobby Lobby to check it out.  I AM IN LOVE WITH HOBBY LOBBY. 
Funny Story.  Just as I was saying that this store's displays are seriously terrible, accidents waiting to happen... Joseph broke something.  HA!  And I was saying people needed to worry about their children in this store...
Joseph decided he should man-up and at least put in some effort at work.  I dropped him off and Ayla and I headed over to Target where we browsed all the isles, just for fun.  (I bought a red sweater, some new black leggings, a dress for Ayla, a sweater for Malky, and 8 pairs of $0.25 socks for Ayla.)
We headed home and I decided to check the mail.  TAX RETURN!!!!  I know it's late... I filed an extension because I can never do anything on time.  Therefore, I get my tax return way after every normal, punctual, person.  I called Joseph to tell him the news and found out that he was still feeling very ill.
Soooo back out to pick up my sicky boy, Joseph.  Luckily he was able to squeeze in one sale in the hour and a half that he was at work.  We made another stop at target to get the TV stand that we had been planning on getting with my tax return.
After what seemed like a long day of running errands I was dropped off at work and my babies went home to rest and hopefully recover from this nasty illness that we're suffering from.
Now here I am, being a receptionist, wasting my time catching up on facebook posts and blogs...
I know I'm only supposed to post one picture of myself, but I can't resist sharing a few more pictures on Ayla from our lazy afternoon at home today...

Cuddling with mommy.  11/8/2010.


Showing me her new Elmo.

Even though she's been sick she's still a happy girl!

She fell asleep on top of her toy box using Elmo as her pillow.

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