Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 5...6...and 7...

Day 5 – A photo of yourself two years ago.

Carissa and I (with Lili in the background) somewhere in Nephi before the Nephi rodeo.  :)  Classic Carissa and Tonja.  2008!
Day 6 – A photo of an animal you’d love to keep as a pet.

Like an animal that isn't domestic?  OK, I am a cat person.  Always have been, always will be.  (Though I love every single animal, I will always love cats just a little bit more!)
As long as I can remember I have considered the Snow Leopard to be my favorite animal.  When I was in elementary school and was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up my response was this:  A mommy.  And a wildlife photographer so that I can travel to the Himalayan Mountains and take pictures of Snow Leopards.
At least I have one of my dream jobs (always the favored one).
I would love to have one of these big furry guys in my home, but since it won't happen I will settle for visiting momma and baby at the Hogle Zoo in SLC.  (I went to see the new baby as soon as he arrived in the summer of 09.  Magical!)
If you'd like to know more about my very favorite animal, go here.
Day 7 – Your dream wedding.

My dress:
My bridesmaids dresses:
My location:
My reception:
My cake:

My ring:

Ayla's dress:

That is my dream wedding.  Beautiful fall-themed, Washington State wedding.

OR this:

Yes, a peacock themed wedding.  :)

Butttttttttttt, our wedding will most likely be like this:


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