Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 3

Day 3 – Your idea of the perfect first date.

The perfect first date... 
I don't have an idea of a perfect first date.  That's not something that you can generalize.  (In my opinion.)  It is going to be different with every person that you're dating.
Here are some things that are always memorable to me on first dates:
-Weather.  That can sometimes determine the activity.  And it is the perfect canvas for me to paint my memories.
-Smells.  Food, cologne, shampoo, the air... I always remember smells.  When I smell them days, weeks, months, years later I am thrown back to that very moment that I first remember smelling it...  I can literally smell a familiar cologne or shampoo when someone walks by and pinpoint an exact boy.  ha.
-Music.  Hello.  Every life situation has a soundtrack.  At least for me.
-Conversation.  Or lack of conversation.  HA!  Good conversation lingers in my mind the way a good writer's style takes over my inner dialogue while I read their book.  For some reason I remember everything, and I mean everything, so if we shared a good conversation, I remember it.
Basically every first date that was special to me in any way was perfect.  I was probably shy and awkward.  Most likely my date was the same... (until Joseph I really couldn't get past the shy/awkward thing.  SO. CUTE.)  And I was most likely bouncing off the walls for days thinking about my perfectly shy and awkward first date with the current boy of interest.
First dates are awesome.  Having an idea of how they are supposed to be before they happen is stupid.

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  1. I love this! All of the above made me think of my first date with Jon, filled with vivid memories of course.